I know it's been a minute since I last had time to blog, but today is a day worth taking that time.  It's National Mom + Pop Business Owners Day!  Why should you care?

  • Our businesses are just awesome!
  • Our economy couldn't run without them!  
  • Small businesses create local jobs!
  • Our businesses are just awesome!!!
  • We are known for SUPERIOR customer service!  It's not just a job to us-these businesses are our babies!  
  • We support the community-whether it's donating to a local sports team or holding a fundraiser in our businesses, we support our community year round!
  • Did I mention that our businesses are just awesome?
  • We build relationships-you're not just a customer ID to us!

Days like today make us stop and think about all of the hard work, long hours + time away from our families...is it all worth it?  For me it is.  I want to build something that my kids and future grandkids will be proud of and hopefully run one day.  So, I work every weekend, almost every hour that I'm awake.  I literally run on Dunkin' (and hopefully soon the new coffee shop coming up the street).  I'm the purchaser, merchandiser, marketing contact, window cleaner, cashier, website developer, AR/AP, janitor, social media marketer + shipper.  I still drive my Dodge Journey +  stress about bills...but, I LOVE my job and I LOVE our LDB family!  I love the feeling of pride I have every single time I walk through the door and the extra few moments that I stand and admire my store in the dark when I close.  Did I mention that small businesses are awesome?  


Here's how you can support your local small businesses:

  • Buy a gift card
  • Write a great review
  • Like AND follow them on social media
  • Share their businesses on social media
  • Talk about them!  Worth of mouth is the best advertising ever!
  • Become one of their favorite customers!  



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