If you missed my LIVE on Wednesday, here's a quick list of things you need to do NOW to win that coveted Dance Mom of the Year award!  Okay, there really isn't an award, but these tips are going to take YEARS off of your learning curve.  How do I know?  Because I learned them all the hard way.

1.  Get the Bag!  PVC racks break...repeatedly.  Metal racks are awesome, but they are no fun in the cold, wind & rain.  Just get the darn bag!  

2.  Get all of the tights!  Maybe not all of the tights (see tip #5 to figure out how many), but bring extra!  You don't want to be that mom (AKA Me) with no back up tights when your darling child rips her only pair!

3.  Make a spreadsheet to keep track of all of their routines!  OR, just use mine :)  Yep, it's on my FB page in the comments of my LIVE!  Link below!  

4.  Use a garment bag for every costume!  Why?  You'll see my favorite tip in # 5, but start with just labeling them.  Did you know that there's a pocket on the front of most garment bags that is made for an index card???  I didn't either...it's amazing!  Hang them up in order when you get there and you're set!

5.  Using the spreadsheet, put every single item you need for each routine in the garment bag!  It's genius!!!  Tights, shoes, hair piece....all. of. the. things.  Then, if your child rips their tights, it's not a disaster, because there is a pair of tights with every costume! 

Watch the full LIVE video for a few bonus tips as well!  Check it out below!


January 16, 2021 — Courtney Little

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