I'm feeling so grateful for a multitude of reasons.  I went to bed last night reminiscing about what an incredible weekend I had...probably the best in a very long time.  Did I go on vacation?  No.  Got my nails and my hair did?  Nope.  I actually worked most of the weekend...but I was working with MY family. 

I cooked a huge meal on Thanksgiving for all of the kids (minus Cass, plus Flynn).  We ate, played Uno Flip, and laughed and groaned from our full bellies.  Friday was the first time I haven't gone Black Friday shopping in forever.  I worked, played Uno Flip, ate, worked, etc.  Saturday was Drew's birthday, which we spent getting the store ready...working out the kinks on our labeler (oh that stupid labeler), the tagging gun (oh that stupid tagging gun), pricing, putting up our wall displays and mostly speaking in a British accent (except for Drew...he makes up his own accent).  We played more Uno Flip, headed to Steve's Steaks (Drew's choice) and even hit the casino for a quick date night.  Sunday, we finished up what we couldn't on Saturday, watched the Eagles lose (over it), ate wings and laughed...and played Uno Flip.  

I must have been back and forth to the store yesterday 3 times, but what I remember the most of the entire weekend was how much we laughed...laugh until you cry laughs.  We all worked hard, but we had fun and were together...that's what I'm grateful for.   I'm grateful that Kelsey is making a video of our progress.  I'm grateful that Tina is taking such an interest in how everything works.  I'm grateful that Drew spent his birthday putting up grid wall displays.  I'm thankful that Cass enjoys spending time with us.  I'm grateful my mom was a good cook and taught me how to make an awesome meal.  I'm thankful that I had the guts to start this business.  I'm grateful that even though my older 2 aren't as involved in the process, it's because they are busy being awesome adults, and am so proud of that.  I'm grateful that we are all healthy and happy....and I'm so grateful for my sense of humor, and that my kids will be almost as funny as I am...because I am SO grateful for laughter.

December 02, 2019 — Courtney Little

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