This is probably the most exciting thing to happen to us in 2020...besides that one time I found Angel Soft toilet paper instead of Scott (I'm serious).  I love coming up with new ideas, games, contests and events for the store, but this's my favorite.

Every month our boxes will have a different theme.  Our December launch box is all about "Back to Dance".  All boxes will have a main item.  The rest depends on which level of awesome box you choose!  There's a box for every budget.  The Basic Box, the Bad Box (bad as in awesome) and the Boujie Box.  You can also choose to make a one time purchase to check it out, OR subscribe and save.  The best thing about our subscription is that you choose your frequency:  monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual.  Like I said, there's an option for every budget.  

I love options :)  You can purchase for yourself, or share with your friends.  

The hardest part about launching these awesome boxes is not being able to SHOW you how awesome they really are.  They are meant to be a surprise to the receiver, especially this first box.  Most people have purchased them as Christmas gifts.  We can't wait to see your unboxings!  Use #Littleboxesthatrock

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