Purchase how ever many spins you would like.  Each spin guarantees at least 1 pen.  Then, come back to our LIVE on Tik Tok!

We'll Spin the Wheel for each entry. 

Whichever number the wheel lands on will decide which envelope we will pull.  Envelopes contain either 1 pen, 2 pens, Free Shipping, Custom or Jackpot!

If you land on 1 pen, I will give you 5 random pens to choose from.  You pick which one you love!  OR you can choose to pull from the Mystery Bin at random.  I will randomly select 2 pens out of the bin + you select which one you want to keep!

The process is repeated for however many pens you have purchased or won.

If you receive free shipping, we will refund shipping after the live!

If you receive a custom pen, we will create it LIVE!

If you receive Jackpot, you will get 1 premade pen as above, PLUS one custom + some freebies!