T Strap Character Shoe THP325

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The 2" heel Pro "Audition" T-Strap Character shoe gives you the luxury material of the Theatricals Pro "Stage Right" shoe you love with the sleek styling of a t-strap. Shoe features an unsurpassed breathable, soft, leather-like, man-made PU upper for softness and support - the ultimate in heel comfort. Shoe also features a leather sole, an easy to set pin buckle strap, a cushioned lining, and a wrapped heel for uniformity throughout. Durable and flexible. The Audition shoes feature a performance caramel color option that is slightly darker than the caramel in regular Theatricals models. The Theatricals PRO line features upgraded, tailored, shoes for the ideal fit. Professional quality for the professional dancer. A BEST VALUE product.

90% Man-made Leather Upper/10% Leather